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Vox pop | What programmes or projects would you like to see implemented in your community?

Published:Monday | February 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Obrian Campbell
Tracy-ann Hines
Jacomeno Barrett
Darren Grant


Jacomeno Barrett, footballer, Prosper Road:

"I would like to see more youth development programmes, so that the youngsters can have more positive things to do."


Tracy-ann Hines, merchandiser, Retrieve:

"I would like to see some youth skills training programmes, because a lot of the youngsters have no skills and can't get any jobs."


Obrian Campbell, bartender, Chambers Pen:


"I would like to see a youth club established because there is none anymore, because Hurricane Ivan blew down the community centre. I want the community centre fixed so we can have somewhere to meet."

Darren Grant, music producer, Seaview Drive:


"I would like to see a recreational fun park just for the kids because they don't have a safe place to meet and play with other kids, so many just stay inside and don't interact."