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Vox Pop - Is your community affected by the prevailing drought conditions?

Published:Monday | February 20, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Leonard Sharpe
Everton Lawrence 
Ray Kerr
Orlando Knibb

Ray Kerr, farmer - Clifton:

"It is not really affecting us that bad, from a farming standpoint, because some areas get a lot of heavy dew, and we also get a slight drizzle at times."

Everton Lawrence, musician - Richmond:

"It is affecting us badly. It is rough. Some people have to rely on the spring at Bottom Richmond, but I don't know if it dry up."

Leonard Sharpe, contractor - Cauldwell:

"Yes, it has affected a lot of the farmers because the soil has gotten tough and the farmers have no tractors, so they can't get to plough the soil the way they would want to deal with it."

Orlando Knibb, businessman - Esher:

"Not to a large extent. Our main problem is the intermittent water supply."