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Vox pop - Western Focus looks back at some of the comments made by officials and environmentalists in relation to the Cockpit Country over the last few years

Published:Tuesday | February 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Diana McCaulay
Daryl Vaz
Oral Khan
Peter Espeut

Peter Espeut, Gleaner columnist, June 2016:

"Should the bauxite in the Cockpit Country be mined, the real losses would be the reduction in water supply to St Ann, St Elizabeth, St James and Trelawny, and less water for agriculture, aquaculture, industry and the residents."

Colonel Oral Khan, chief technical director in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, May 2015:

"We understand the importance of what we call the Cockpit Country and we believe that it needs to be preserved for generations to come, and especially in these times where our water resources are under stress,"

Daryl Vaz, minister of with responsibility for the environment, November 2016:

"We are aware that several attempts have been made by the previous administration to define the boundaries, but we are going to complete the process and lay the issue to rest once and for all."

Diana McCaulay, CEO, Jamaica Environment Trust, May 2015:

"No mining should have been allowed in the vicinity of the Cockpit Country in the absence of official boundaries."