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Vox Pop | Western Focus looks back at statements made on the subject of housing by elected leaders over the last few years

Published:Tuesday | March 7, 2017 | 12:00 AMClaudia Gardner
Andrew Holness
Horace Chang
Morais Guy
Ronald Thwaites

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, May 2016:

"We have to build houses for the young graduates coming up. We have to build houses to replace some of the housing stock that has just totally deteriorated."

Dr. Horace Chang, minister with responsibility for housing December 2016:

"We recognise that we do not have the resources to meet the housing demand and, as such, one of the strategies of this administration is to utilise public private partnerships."

Dr Morais Guy, former state minister in the Ministry of Housing, April 2015:

"The responsibility to provide housing solutions is not one that is to be taken lightly."

Ronald Thwaites, member of parliament for Central Kingston, May 2016:

"A registered title means reduction, if not elimination, of squatting and creates an asset that can be pledged to fund redevelopment."