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Vox Pop | What is the condition of the road in your community?

Published:Tuesday | March 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Michael Muir
Delroy Buchanan
Tracy-ann Hines
Ray Kerr

Delroy Buchanan, Blenheim:

"The road is in a deplorable condition... little more is only donkey alone can travel through."

Ray Kerr, Clifton:

"It is terrible. It is in a very deplorable state. From either way - from Riley to Askenish on the west and on the east side from Kew."

Tracy-ann Hines, Prosper Road:

"It is in a poor condition. There is almost no asphalt in the roadway anymore; most of it gone."

Michael Muir, Clifton:

"It is bad, really bad. Over 20 years the road look like this. It needs to be fixed."