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Vox Pop | What are your thoughts on the double-shift system in schools across Jamaica?

Published:Monday | April 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Akeem Grant
Anna-Kay Mitchell
Kadeem Smith
Ashley Anguin

Ashley Anguin - Photographer:

I don't think the double-shift system is advantageous because the hours are cut down to accommodate the other students who are starting their shifts ... the students won't learn as much as in a regular school, and some subjects may be held back because of this.


Akeem Grant - Teacher:

It poses a problem at times, especially for the upper school students as they may not get adequate time with their teachers, which, in turn, can affect their overall performance in CSEC and CAPE. It also affects extra-curricular activities for students as there is little time for that.

Anna-Kay Mitchell - Customer Service Rep:

I believe the double shift should be cut out. Children need lots more sleep than adults, and getting them up so early at times can be stressing. Also, it's pretty dangerous for children on the evening shift to travel home in the dark.

Kadeem Smith - IT Analyst:

It poses a disadvantage to students because of the limited time and resources that are available. This reduces the time for their extra-curricular activities and also the face-to-face time with the teachers, negatively impacting learning and growth.