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US Senate candidates in Kansas talk immigration

Published:Monday | September 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Senator Pat Roberts (left) and Greg Orman, Independent for US Senate, speak at the conclusion of their Senatorial Debate at the Kansas State Fair on the weekend.


Republican Senator Pat Roberts and independent challenger Greg Orman agree that the US needs to do a better job of securing its borders, but Orman also has a proposal to allow immigrants who are in the country illegally to stay.

The issue arose during their first debate on the weekend at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson. The 78-year-old Roberts is seeking a fourth, six-year term. Orman is a 45-year-old Olathe businessman.

Orman says it's not practical to attempt to deport the millions of immigrants in the US illegally and added that doing so would hurt agriculture and food processing. He said immigrants should have to register with the federal government, pay a fine and hold a job.

Roberts says his position is, "Secure the border. No amnesty."