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UN: At least 1,119 Iraqis killed in September

Published:Thursday | October 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A Kurdish Peshmerga soldier who was wounded in fierce battles in nearby Nineveh province with Islamic State group militants is brought to the Zakho Emergency Hospital for treatment, in Dahuk.
Civilians inspect the site of double car bombings in the northern Shiite district al-Hurriyah in Baghdad, Iraq, yesterday.

BAGHDAD (AP): The United Nations yesterday said that at least 1,119 Iraqis died in violence in September, but that the real figure was likely much higher since the reported death toll did not include killings in areas controlled by the Islamic State group.

Iraq has been facing an unprecedented crisis, the worst since the withdrawal of US troops in 2011, after the Sunni extremist group seized a third of the country in a lightning offensive over the summer.

The onslaught by the Islamic State fighters stunned Iraq's US-trained army and security forces, which melted away as the extremists advanced and captured key cities and towns. The militants have also targeted Iraq's religious minorities, including Christians and others, killing hundreds and forcing hundreds of thousands to leave their homes.

The Islamic State militants captured roughly a third of Iraq and much of eastern Syria, declaring a self-styled caliphate in the territory straddling the Iraqi-Syria border and imposing their own harsh interpretation of Islamic Sharia law.

Backed by air strikes from the US-led international coalition, which started in August, Iraqi government forces, together with Kurdish peshmerga fighters and Shiite militias, have been fighting, trying to win back land from the Islamic State group.

Absolute minimum

The UN mission in Baghdad has little or no access to the areas engulfed in the fighting. The figures released yesterday in the mission's monthly report were the "absolute minimum" number of casualties and they do not include deaths in the western Anbar province or other militant-held parts of northern Iraq, the UN said.

The September death toll included 854 civilians and 265 members of the Iraqi security forces. Another 1,946 Iraqis were wounded last month, the UN added. The worst-hit city was Baghdad, with 352 civilians killed, it said.

The August death toll stood at 1,420. In June, 2,400 were killed as the Islamic State fighters launched their blitz. It was the highest figure since at least April 2005.