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Greed resurrects deadly diseases

Published:Monday | October 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Members of the Army's 101st Airborne Division conduct a training exercise at Fort Campbell last Thursday. Members will travel to Liberia to build treatment centres and conduct medical training as part of the fight against the Ebola epidemic. AP

I have written several articles in this newspaper, and a writer ought not to write in reaction to others at all times, but must write for what lies ahead. The responsibilities of the authorities is to investigate everything presented to them; nothing must be discarded or taken for granted and trashed, because even trash has its place within the society, and one man's trash, as the saying goes, can be another man's treasure.

Some of the things I have written about include the environment, cosmic issues, economics, health and technology. I have even written articles about the various diseases. I have also written several books. In the latest one, I have focused on many things that could happen and how the authorities should respond.

We are living in a world where after something happens, the authorities begin to run around like headless chickens. Managers must have plans in place.

Let us look at some of what is now taking place.

Regarding the Ebola and chikungunya viruses, for example, the average man does not even have a clue about what it really is and how to prevent them. We cannot continue to lead people in ignorance. There has to be clear communication that the regular Joe can understand. Regurgitating medical terms to the public does not educate them. Proper explanations do.

Health, locally and globally, is a major issue, and if the authorities are not true to themselves and to the general public, then, one day, these things will hit them too. Diseases do not discriminate, nor are they partisan.

I believe that because of greed globally, we will see more diseases surface from the past.

I believe scientists are digging up stuff that were buried and needed to remain buried, all in the name of research and greed.

Wrong intentions

Research should be done to help humanity, not to destroy humanity. Everything plays a role in the balance of nature and should remain intact.

When scientists interfere with the environment, and governments sell land or give it away to unaffected parties for the sake of money, when leaving it intact would benefit the health of all, we will all feel the repercussions.

When diseases hit, some of which man created, every industry suffers. The job market suffers! Tourism suffers! There is a spiritual 'brain drain'. Shipping will suffer, sports will suffer and, very shortly, there is going to be victimisation by other countries to stop travellers from entering their borders.

The question is: How safe is our underground water? This is a question I have been asking for a long time.

What about our animals, aquaculture and all these things? Will disease be transmitted through these areas? What testing has been done on them?

Why are scientists waiting so long to formulate vaccines for disease that were around long before and are now resurfacing? Is there a vaccine that exists and is being withheld from the public because of greed?

Could this be a part of a race or population control plan?

Are there enough vaccines and masks to deal with the potential health issues ahead?

In addition to infectious diseases, there are other major threats to our development. These include the giving away of prime lands, destruction of marine life, chemical/nuclear hazards, deforestation and the infiltration of the state apparatus by terrorist organisations such as ISIS.


There is also the threat of cybercrime. One wonders whether those who need to uphold the law uses these activities against each other for political purposes?

One also has to question the safety of our records and financial transactions - individually and nationally.

And there are more questions.

Are there double agents in law enforcement rising for monetary and political purpose?

The sliding of the dollar and euro will cause major problems - and the poor will get poorer.

Will local farming within Jamaica and other Third-World countries phase out and foreigners take over? The natural resources that are given to sustain the economy within our and other Third-World nations will disappear; then foreigners will come in and take over.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.