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Published:Sunday | November 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The coach of Russian Premier League team FC Rostov said last Friday he will not sign black players and joked that Ebola had spread to the club.

Igor Gamula told local media the club had "enough dark-skinned players; we've got six of the things" when asked in a post-match news conference last Friday about rumours Rostov would sign Cameroon defender Benoit Angbwa.

Gamula also said that five of his Russian players were ill with a high temperature and joked that the Ebola epidemic was the cause.

"I'm already worrying it's Ebola," he said, before adding that the reference to the disease was "a joke, obviously".

Known for making inflammatory comments, earlier this month he was cleared by the Russian Football Union of a disciplinary charge relating to a TV interview in which he shouted at a journalist and criticised a referee.