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Schisms in electorate clear early on Election Day

Published:Wednesday | November 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Washington Democratic mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser (right) with supporters after casting her ballot on election day at LaSalle-Backus Education Campus, yesterday in Washington. AP

UNITED STATES (AP): From daybreak on, voters across the nation showcased the schisms in the American electorate.

Construction worker Rebecca Cziryak was out at dawn yesterday in New Jersey. She voted the Republican line and predicted that could mean more job sites in her future.

"Believe it or not, when the Republicans are in full force, I work more," said Cziryak, who voted at a community college in Gloucester Township, near Camden.

Also in line to vote there: Democrat Mark Madden, who said adding more Republicans to the mix would only add to the gridlock in Washington.

"If the Republicans are put in there, you might as well tell the president, 'just go home', " said Madden.

Up the Atlantic seaboard, the divisions were much the same in Manchester, New Hampshire.

There, Sandra Philbrook was hoping a GOP takeover of the Senate would improve the economic outlook.

"You ever see more people losing their jobs? Losing their homes?" she asked. "That's important. I think we need a change. Hopefully, it will be in the right direction."

Right ahead of her in line, Roger Bleau said he voted to re-elect Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, and added that he liked the Democratic president's efforts to keep millions of US troops from getting mired in foreign hot spots in Iraq and Syria and more.