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Mali: No new Ebola cases, family ends quarantine

Published:Wednesday | November 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Malian health officials say the country has no new Ebola cases as dozens of family members who were exposed to a toddler with the disease have now cleared their 21-day quarantine.

Markatie Daou, spokesman for the Malian Health Department, said yesterday that 29 people who had been quarantined in Bamako, Mali's capital, have shown no signs of the disease.

The family had been visited by a toddler who contracted Ebola in neighbouring Guinea. Other family members she visited in Kayes remain under observation.

The little girl died shortly after being diagnosed with Ebola and health workers quickly tracked down anyone who

had had contact with her while she had symptoms.

The death is Mali's only known

Ebola case, while nearly 5,000 others

have succumbed to the virus across West Africa.