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Rights group: Police torture in Philippines rife

Published:Friday | December 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Amnesty International said yesterday that five years after the Philippines passed a law criminalising torture, the practice continues, with an overstretched police force resorting to "shortcuts" to extract confessions from criminal suspects.

The Philippine National Police has acknow-ledged violations persist, but stressed they have taken action against erring officers and that cases have drastically declined in recent years, saying the Commission on Human Rights reported just six last year from 68 in 2011.

The human-rights group said in a report released yesterday that eight of the 55 torture victims it interviewed were subjected to Russian roulette and threatened with death if they refused to cooperate. Two of them were shot, but survived. Others were systematically beaten, received electric shocks, and forced to sit or sleep in an uncomfortable position for long periods without food or water. At least two were stripped naked with their genitals tied to a string pulled by police officers, it said.

The report said that no one has been convicted under the 2009 Anti-Torture Act.