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Vatican to release findings from study of US nuns

Published:Thursday | December 4, 2014 | 7:15 PM


NEW YORK (AP) -- Vatican officials will soon release the long-awaited findings of their review of women's religious orders throughout the United States (US), a Vatican spokesman said last Wednesday.

The Reverend Thomas Rosica said a Rome news conference is planned for December 16 to release a report on the comprehensive study, or Apostolic Visitation, which began in 2008 and ended about three years later.

The review was separate from the Vatican-ordered overhaul of the largest umbrella organisation for U. nuns, called the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. That investigation prompted an outpouring of support for US sisters as they challenged the Vatican critique of their organisation.

However, the study of the women's religious orders included many groups connected with the Leadership Conference. The Vatican had said its review of nearly 400 orders aimed to assess the quality of life for US sisters, whose numbers have plummeted over the past several decades.