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Mosque bombing kills 59

Published:Saturday | January 31, 2015 | 10:08 PM


ISLAMABAD (AP) -- Thousands of Shiites across Pakistan mourned and protested yesterday after a bombing at a Shiite mosque in the country killed at least 59 people.

In Shikarpur, the site of the blast, mourners held a mass funeral for the dead in last Friday's attack. Thousands of Shite mourners beating their chests and heads, wailing as other non-Shiites also took part.

Shiites organisations also held protest sit-ins in different cities across Pakistan. Television footage showed some protesters burned tires and blocked roads, chanting slogans for arrest of the perpetrators and protection for Shiite worship places.

The blast took place when about 250 worshippers gathered in the Shiite mosque for Friday prayers. Dozens were wounded.