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Four killed in vehicular accident

Published:Monday | March 23, 2015 | 11:01 PM


The Mayor of the Central city of Chaguanas, Gopaul Boodhan, has appealed to motorists to exercise more caution on the road after four friends died instantly when their vehicle smashed into a wall on the weekend.

"Young people, please obey all the traffic rules and regulations. Too many lives are lost causing a lot of pain to families and communities. We need a lot more care and attention on the roadway in Chaguanas and the roads of Trinidad and Tobago", Boodhan said as the village of felicity was thrown into mourning following the accident.

"Tragic is too mild of a word to describe what has happened. I call upon, yet again, to the senior superintendent, highway patrol and police officers to continue with the community policing, so an event like this will not happen."

Police said the four childhood friends - Ajay Gosein, 23; Premnath Ravi John, 25; Suresh Nanan, 34; and his cousin Luke Walters, 23, died a few metres from their homes, after the vehicle John was driving slammed into a concrete wall.

Police believe the accident may have been the result of a deadly mixture of speed and alcohol.