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Charles and Camilla mark 10th wedding anniversary

Published:Friday | April 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Britain’s Prince Charles and his bride, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.


The heir to the British throne and his consort, Camilla, are celebrating 10 years of marriage, a decade in which Camilla's public image has gone from aristocratic home-wrecker to admired addition to the royal family.

Prince Charles, 66, and 67-year-old Camilla celebrated their anniversary yesterday, privately, at the royals' Balmoral estate in Scotland. It's a favourite retreat where the couple can spend time fishing, walking and painting.

They married on April 9, 2005, in a modest town-hall ceremony lacking the pageantry of Charles' 1981 wedding to Princess Diana, an extravaganza watched by millions around the world.

In 2005, many Britons were cool to a woman some blamed for the failure of Charles and Diana's marriage. But since then, Camilla's charity work and down-to-earth humour have made her a popular figure.

A look at the woman who may be queen:

Charles met Camilla Shand in the early 1970s, and the pair bonded over a shared sense of humour and love of rural life. But he sailed off with the Royal Navy without cementing their relationship. In his absence, she married Andrew Parker Bowles.

Charles went on to marry 20-year-old Diana Spencer, a union whose fairytale image could not survive real life.

Within a few years, Charles had resumed his relationship with Camilla. "There were three of us in that marriage," Diana said later, although she acknowledged affairs of her own.

Many Britons took Diana's view, vilifying Camilla as a royal home-wrecker. Charles and Diana separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996.