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Thousands of new words added to Scrabble dictionary

Published:Friday | May 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM

About 6,500 words have been added to the latest Collins Scrabble Word List, including a number of slang terms used on social media and in text messages, including slang terms lolz, shizzle and obvs, its publisher has said.

Other new words include twerking, emoji, bezzy and ridic (short for ridiculous).

One of the highest scoring new entries is quinzhee - an Inuit snow shelter - which scores 29 Scrabble points.

Other new words now acceptable in the board game include onesie, devo - short for

devolution - vape, and shootie, meaning a fashionable shoe that covers the ankle.

New words involving

technology include facetime, hashtag, and sexting, while exclamations such as augh, blech, eew, grr, waah and yeesh have also been added.

It is the first update to the list since 2011.

"Dictionaries have always included formal and informal English, but it used to be hard to find printed evidence of the use of slang words," Helen Newstead, head of language content at Collins, said.

"Now people use slang in social media posts, tweets, blogs, comments, text messages - you name it - so there's a host of evidence for informal

varieties of English that simply didn't exist before."

Here are some other new Scrabble entries and the word scores:

n Dench - meaning excellent - 11 points

n Geocache - a recreational activity that sees contenders searching for hidden containers using GPS - 16 points

n Lotsa - meaning lots of - 5 points

n Newb - short for newbie - 9 points

n Thanx - short for thank you - 15 points

n Hacktivist - a person who hacks computer systems for political reasons - 22 points

n Cazh - meaning casual - 18 points

n Checkbox - a small clickable box on a computer screen - 28 points

The Scrabble dictionary includes words from Australia, Canada, South Africa, the UK and the US in a single list.