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Hungarian police repel migrants at Serbian border

Published:Thursday | September 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Hungarian police use tear gas at the "Horgos 2" border crossing into Hungary, near Horgos, Serbia, yesterday.
Migrants are guarded by a Croatian police officer on their way to the registration area after crossing the border line between Serbia and Croatia near Tovarnik, eastern Croatia, yesterday.
Hungarian police spray water on migrants at the "Horgos 2" border crossing into Hungary, near Horgos, Serbia, yesterday.


Hungarian police used tear gas and water cannons on hundreds of migrants who broke through a razor wire fence on the border with Serbia yesterday, while migrants prevented from moving through Hungary increasingly began taking a longer route into Western Europe through Croatia.

Frustrated migrants blocked on the Serbian side of the border threw plastic water bottles and rocks at helmeted riot police and chanted demands that the border be reopened. Police responded with tear gas and water cannons.

"We fled wars and violence and did not expect such brutality and inhumane treatment in Europe," said Amir Hassan, an Iraqi who was soaking wet from the water cannon and trying to wash tear gas from his eyes. "Shame on you, Hungarians!" he shouted, pointing in the direction of the shielded Hungarian policemen who were firing volleys of tear gas canisters directly into the crowd.

The clashes took place at a small border crossing in the Serbian village Horgos, a short distance from the main border crossing into Hungary. Serbian authorities sent ambulances to the site, but it wasn't immediately clear how many people were injured.

Before the tensions escalated, some women had pushed to the front of the crowd and held small babies and children above their heads as they faced police in an obvious appeal for mercy, but no one made it through.

In the past few months, Hungary has become a main entry point into the European Union for migrants, many of them war refugees from Syria and Iraq, with more than 200,000 entering the country so far this year. Almost all entered from the southern border with Serbia and passed through Hungary quickly on their way to Germany or other wealthy Western European nations.

Hungarian authorities also said yesterday that they have arrested a total of 519 migrants who tried to cross the border since tough new laws went into effect on Tuesday that make it a crime to cross from Serbia anywhere other than at legal checkpoints. Authorities launched 46 criminal prosecutions and found two Iraqi men guilty, the first convictions based on the new laws.