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Coast Guard: 1 body found from sank cargo ship

Published:Monday | October 5, 2015 | 9:55 AM
Barry Young speaks about his nephew, who is among the crew members aboard the missing cargo ship, ‘El Faro’, outside the Seafarer’s International Union hall in Jacksonville.
Mary Shevory talks about her daughter Maryette Wright’s love of the sea in Jacksonville. Wright was a crew member of the missing cargo ship ‘El Faro’.


In an update on the search for a US cargo ship carrying 33 people that has been missing since it encountered high winds and heavy seas from Hurricane Joaquin, the Coast Guard said it found the body of one crew member from the cargo vessel which sank during the passage of the hurricane.

Captain Mark Fedor disclosed yesterday an airborne crew spotted several survival suits floating amid debris from the 'El Faro'. Most were empty but one had a body. A helicopter crew confirmed the person was dead but had to leave the body behind to continue the search for possible survivors.

Coast Guard cutters and aircraft and a US Navy plane continued searching the Atlantic Ocean for the missing crew. The ship's owners say it carried more than enough lifeboats and rafts for the crew.

Fedor also said crews found one of two lifeboats from 'El Faro', but it had no people or signs of life. He says the ship had two lifeboats, and each can hold 43 people.