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No new taxes ... Merkel says cess for migrant care not necessary

Published:Sunday | October 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Migrants onboard a boat arrive on the eastern Aegean island of Lesbos, Greece on Sunday. Greece’s first 'hotspot', or migrant processing centre, will open over the next 10 days, allowing migrants to be flown to other European Union countries, mostly of their preference, and have their asylum applications processed there, European Union officials say.


Germany will not have to raise taxes to help pay for the hundreds of thousands of refugees and other migrants who have been flooding into the country, Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview released yesterday, and the government should have new regulations in place by November to help deal with the influx.

Germany expects at least 800,000 newcomers this year if not more, but Merkel told top-selling Bild newspaper in a preview of an interview to be printed in today's edition that there would "definitely" be no tax increases to help care for them.

"We can be pleased that we have been well managed for years and that our economic situation is currently good," she said.

Merkel, who has seen her popularity dip slightly amid concerns over the drastic increase in asylum seekers, also sought to allay fears that the numbers could overwhelm the country's health-care system.

Nobody should "worry that a refugee will take away from their own quality of care."