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UK cops helping with unsolved murder cases

Published:Friday | December 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Local security officials have been working alongside cops from the UK to review four murders committed this year, that are yet to be solved.

Three UK police, two of whom are former members of the Metropolitan Police in London, are working along with Police Commission Paul Morrison and other members of the Royal Anguilla Police Force.

"Hopefully, they will be able to generate new lines of inquiry and perhaps suspects. That would be fantastic. They will also help us interview some witnesses." He explained that generally, from the review, we would also "get an assessment of our investigative capabilities - how good are we in investigating serious crime from the response all the way through the investigation and forensics. Once we know how good we are, we will know if we need to improve and in which areas to do so," said Morrison

Leader of the team from the UK, John McFarlane, told local media that they hope to share their expertise with the local police.

"We have come to Anguilla to assist the police with the murders this year; to bring a bit of expertise from the UK; and to hopefully help them bring out some of the good work that they have done and enable the police to bring the killers before the courts to get justice for the people who have been killed."

"It is quite unusual for Anguilla to have this number of shootings and killings. We are here to help the police, and the police need the help of the Anguillan community. They cannot do their jobs without the community helping them. That is really important. We have only been here a short time. This is a very small, close-knit community and it is important that we work together to get this [type of crime] stopped," he added.