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Major embarrassment – says Human rights activist of EU’s interest in IMPACs investigation

Published:Wednesday | January 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Outspoken Human rights activist Mary Francis says the interest of the European Union (EU) in the IMPACS (Implementation Agency for Crime and Security) investigation into alleged extrajudicial killings by some members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is a major embarrassment for the island.

Francis asserted that the previous United Workers Party government and the current administration could have done something about the alleged killings, but chose to do nothing.

"There was information which they had and there was no reason why international bodies should become involved in this situation."

Francis, an attorney-at-law, spoke shortly after an announcement that the head of the EU delegation in Barbados, the British high commissioner in Barbados and the ambassador of France in St Lucia would be making an "important" call on Prime Minister Kenny Anthony.

One of the main agenda items for the January 14 meeting will be a discussion of areas related to security and justice in St Lucia, in particular the government's follow-up to the publication of the IMPACS report.

The diplomats are scheduled to hold a news conference afterwards.

Francis said it may take that meeting with the diplomatic representatives to "push things".

"Outside forces, the EU and the Americans and the French, if they want to collaborate and see how the government could be moved to actually do that is right, maybe we can get this thing over and done with," she asserted.