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US Supreme Court rejects appeal to outlaw death penalty

Published:Tuesday | January 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Father George Horan (right) listens as members of the public testify on proposed regulations to use a single lethal drug for the execution of condemned inmates, during a public hearing by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


The US Supreme Court is rejecting a Pennsylvania inmate's appeal to consider banning the death penalty across the United States.

The justices did not comment yesterday in turning away a challenge from death row inmate Shonda Walter.

Walter's appeal plays off Justice Stephen Breyer's call in an impassioned dissent in June to re-evaluate the death penalty in light of problems involving its imposition and use.

Breyer renewed his plea last week when he was the lone justice willing to give a last-minute reprieve to an Alabama death row inmate who was later put to death.