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Republican group likens Clinton to Trump in advertisement

Published:Sunday | February 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is getting an assist from a Republican super PAC founded by a top strategist to former President George W. Bush.

American Crossroads is spending about US$40,000 on an online advertisement that likens Sanders' opponent, Hillary Clinton, to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump when it comes to immigration policy.

The ad is a mash-up of brief and selectively edited Clinton and Trump comments, combined in a way to make it seem the two agree on immigration policy including Trump's call to build a massive wall along the border with Mexico.

In fact, Trump and Clinton share widely divergent positions on immigration. Trump has called for the mass deportation of people living in the country illegally and a temporary ban on Muslims seeking to travel to and visit the United States.

Clinton favours creating a pathway to citizenship for people in the US illegally and wants to expand President Barack Obama's efforts to defer the deportation of millions of such people.

The ad shows her apparently endorsing a "barrier" with Mexico, but people in both parties have supported the existing sections of fencing and plans to expand them, while opposing Trump's idea of a massive wall aimed at sealing the border completely.

The 30-second ad is subtitled in Spanish, helping make sure Latino voters pay attention in Nevada, where Democrats hold their presidential caucuses in a week.

The spot ends with the text: "You can't trust Hillary Clinton."