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Spanish king urges parties to keep negotiating new gov't

Published:Tuesday | March 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Spain's Socialist party leader Pedro Sanchez talks to journalists after the second investiture voting session at the Spanish parliament in Madrid, recently.
Spain's acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy addresses lawmakers during the second investiture debate at the Spanish parliament in Madrid, recently.

King Felipe VI yesterday gave Spanish political parties more time to negotiate a way out of the near three-month political stalemate on who should form a new government.

The palace announced the decision after the monarch met with a parliamentary representative following Socialist party leader Pedro Sanchez's failure last week to muster sufficient support in the house to lead a new government. The palace said the king had decided not to call in party leaders for new consultations for the moment.

Political parties now have two months to try come up with a government or face another election June 26.

The December 20 election produced a totally fragmented parliament with no party winning a majority of seats in the 350-seat chamber.

Candidates for prime minister must garner the support of a majority of lawmakers in chamber in a first round or more votes in favour than against in a second round.

Sanchez, whose party has 90 seats, said he intends continuing with his bid but in two votes last week he was only able to count on the new business-friendly Ciudadanos party's 40 deputies and, later, one more from a small Canary Islands party.