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Gun buyback seeks to make Alexandria safer

Published:Wednesday | May 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM
In this file photo these guns, including a sniper rifle and three pistols, as well as 128 assorted rounds of ammunition, were recovered during an operation by law enforcement officers, recently.


Organisers of a gun buy-back programme in Alexandria have no idea how many firearms will be turned in for cash, but each weapon might represent a life being saved.

"If we get five or 10 guns off the streets, that's a potential of five or 10 lives that could be saved," said the Reverend Randy Harris, pastor of Mount Triumph Baptist Church.

"There's nothing wrong with a gun, but a gun in the wrong hands, there's something wrong with that," Alexandria Councilman Ed Larvadain III said.

"We want to get some guns off the street."

Harris and Larvadain are footing the bill for a gun buyback programme at Mount Triumph Baptist Church, 2200 Lower Third Street

"Turn in your guns! Receive Cash! No questions asked!" reads a flier for the programme. The fliers, with the word 'Stop The Violence' at the top, are being distributed around town.

Someone turning in a handgun, rifle or shotgun in working condition will get $50 in cash. Payment for handing over an assault rifle will be US$100.

Each weapon should be unloaded and in the trunk, if the vehicle has a trunk. Law enforcement officers will take possession of the weapons, but those turning them in will be able to get their cash and go without being questioned.