Sat | Jan 20, 2018

World leaders rightfully 'rattled' by Trump - Obama

Published:Friday | May 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
US President Barack Obama speaks during a news conference at the Shima Kanko Hotel in Shima, central Japan, yesterday.


President Barack Obama said yesterday that foreign leaders are "rattled" by Donald Trump and have good reason to feel that way as he accused the presumptive Republican presidential nominee of ignorance about world affairs.

Weighing in on the Democratic race to replace him, Obama also downplayed concerns that the protracted fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is hurting his party's chances, brushing off their escalating attacks as the inevitable "grumpiness" of a primary campaign.




Obama offered his assessment of the presidential campaign on the sidelines of a Group of Seven advanced economies summit in Japan, the latest world gathering to be coloured by global concerns about Trump. Obama said foreign leaders at the conference were unsure how seriously to take his pronouncements.

"They are rattled by it, and for good reason," Obama said. "Because a lot of the proposals he has made display either ignorance of world affairs, or a cavalier attitude, or an interest in getting tweets and headlines."