Wed | Aug 22, 2018

No double standard in Clinton probe

Published:Friday | July 8, 2016 | 12:12 AM


Summoned before Congress and aggressively questioned by Republicans, FBI Director James Comey yesterday strongly defended the government's decision to not prosecute Hillary Clinton over her private email set-up. He said there was no evidence that she knew that anything she was doing was against the law or had lied to federal investigators.

Comey's appearance before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee marked his first public statements since an FBI announcement that removed the threat of criminal charges against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

A number of Republicans suggested there was a double standard for charging everyday people accused of crimes as opposed to high-level people like Clinton. Lawmakers asked Comey if he had been hearing that, too.

"I've heard it a lot," he said. "It's not true, but I've heard it a lot."

"I totally get people's questions," he said, but the FBI was obliged to follow the law.

Comey gave his most detailed explanation to date about why the Justice Department concluded without charges a year-long investigation that had dogged Clinton's presidential campaign and raised questions for voters about her trustworthiness.

"Our folks did it in an apolitical and a professional way," Comey said of the FBI's handling of the investigation.