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Goat drowns trying to escape Alaska crowds taking its photo

Published:Tuesday | July 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM
A mountain goat scampers along a rocky section of a mountain.

SEWARD, Alaska (AP):

A mountain goat in Alaska jumped into the ocean to get away from crowds snapping its picture, and the animal drowned when it couldn't get back to land because of the crush of people on shore.

Alaska State Troopers say it's imperative to give animals adequate space. That didn't happen Saturday in downtown Seward, and troopers say in an online post that it "resulted in a wild animal dying for no cause".

It comes amid a series of incidents of people getting too close to wildlife, including tourists in Yellowstone National Park who picked up a bison calf they thought was abandoned. It had to be euthanised.

In Alaska, troopers got a call about people harassing the goat and another about a large group following it on to the breakwater rocks.