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Florida officials meet on Zika

Published:Tuesday | August 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Florida (AP):

Florida's Governor Rick Scott was set yesterday to host a round-table discussion about the Zika virus and that state's preparedness. The meeting was to be held with community leaders in Pinellas County, which is well north of the small area near Miami where active transmissions of Zika were reported to be occurring in Florida.

Earlier Monday, Scott said there were 10 new infections of the Zika virus likely transmitted by mosquitoes, bringing the total in the state to 14.

The new cases are clustered in the same square-mile neighbourhood in Miami-Dade County identified last week. Florida health officials said in a news release yesterday that they believed active transmissions of Zika were occurring only in that area.

US health officials do not expect widespread outbreaks of the sort seen in Brazil and Latin America. Although most people who get Zika do not know they're sick, infection during pregnancy can cause babies to be born with small heads and other defects.