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Clinton pressing Republicans to take stand on Trump

Published:Thursday | October 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton is pressing Republicans to take a clear stand on Donald Trump as she tries to capitalise on GOP divisions since revelation of his predatory comments about women prompted party leaders to abandon him.

The Democratic candidate's campaign manager, John Podesta, said that she will assert at campaign stops that Republicans - particularly those running for office in November - need to clarify their position on Trump.

"Are they with him or are they against him?" Podesta asked.

Trump, meanwhile, highlighted a new batch of hacked Podesta emails published by WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy group. At a rally in Florida, he launched a fierce attack on Clinton and asserted that Podesta's leaked emails show more clearly than ever that the former secretary of state and her family are corrupt.




He slammed Clinton on a broad array of issues, including immigration, national defence and international relations, and asserted that official Washington both Democrats and Republicans in Congress - is committed to protecting special interests rather than the people.

Trump criticised the Justice Department's handling of the probe into Clinton's email server, claiming there was collusion with the Clintons, and he suggested that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress went along with it.

Previewing Clinton's planned rallies in Pueblo, Colorado, and Las Vegas, Podesta said even those Republicans who have revoked their support for Trump following revelation of his sexually aggressive comments have "propped him up for a very long time". One such Republican, Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska, reversed herself and said she will support Trump after all.