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UK lawyers contest handling of children's asylum bids

Published:Friday | December 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Lawyers representing 36 children from the now dismantled migrant camp in the French town of Calais have launched a legal challenge to Britain's handling of their asylum applications.

Toufique Hossain, who represents the children, said 28 of them want written reasons for why their cases were rejected. He said eight others were waiting for an outcome to their applications.

The children, aged 14 to 17, are from Eritrea, Afghanistan and Sudan.

Hossain said yesterday that they are seeking a judicial review in the High Court, expected in early next year.

French authorities dismantled the slum-like migrant camp known as the 'jungle' in October. Hossain argued that Britain's government has failed to live up to a promise to take in more unaccompanied children from the sprawling camp.

Meanwhile, Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni said his government will take further measures to combat terrorism following the shooting death of a Tunisian fugitive near Milan.

He also told reporters in Rome on Thursday that the government needs to take steps to improve the efficiency of repatriation procedures at migrant centres.


Italy's interior minister will head a meeting on security in Milan, nearly a week after the fugitive suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack was shot to death after being stopped in a routine police patrol.

The fugitive, Anis Amri, had arrived in Italy during Arab Spring in early 2011, quickly landing in jail after setting fire to a migrant centre. Attempts by Italy to deport him after his release failed for bureaucratic reasons.

In other news related to the migrant issue, Serbian police said two Afghan migrants had been killed and 10 had been injured in a car crash on a highway in central Serbia.

Police said the crash occurred early Thursday near the town of Nis when the car crammed with the migrants hit a protective barrier on the highway. A suspected people smuggler who drove the car fled the scene of the crash.

State TV quoted doctors from the emergency hospital in Nis as saying that the injured migrants included five children. Doctors said that most of the injuries were severe and that one of the patients had to have both legs amputated.

Thousands of migrants are stranded in Serbia looking for ways to reach EU countries which have sought to curb the influx.