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UN aid workers leave famine-hit South Sudan area for safety

Published:Tuesday | February 28, 2017 | 3:59 PM

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP):
The United Nations says aid workers in a famine-stricken region of South Sudan have been forced to relocate because of insecurity, complicating efforts to help more than 100,000 affected people.

The UN statement Tuesday said 28 aid workers had to leave Mayendit county in Unity State.

The UN and South Sudan last week declared famine in that and one other county.

President Salva Kiir has again promised to allow full humanitarian access.

But UN officials have accused South Sudan's government of putting restrictions on humanitarian aid.

They say the famine is a man-made result of a three-year civil war and economic collapse.

The UN humanitarian coordinator in South Sudan, Eugene Owusu, says the famine "represents only the most extreme tip of the iceberg of needs in this country."