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Protesters cross into western Caracas

Published:Saturday | April 22, 2017 | 11:21 PM
People attend a silent protest outside the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference in homage to the at least 20 people killed in unrest generated after the nation's Supreme Court stripped congress of its last powers,


CARACAS (AP) - For the first time in three weeks of protest, demonstrators in Venezuela yesterday crossed from the wealthier eastern side of the nation's capital to the west without encountering resistance from state security.

Opposition lawmaker Freddy Guevara likened the march towards some of the city's more humble neighbourhoods as "crossing the Berlin wall."

Tens of thousands of protesters dressed in white marched in cities around Venezuela yesterday in homage to at least 20 people killed in a wave of unrest that has jolted the nation.

Opposition leaders marched with their arms wrapped around each other into western Caracas, vowing to continue protesting until new elections are granted.

Walking with black bands tied around their arms and carrying signs denouncing President Nicolas Maduro, protesters headed to the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, where they were prayed for those killed.

The protest is the latest mass gathering in a wave of tumult that has rocked the nation over the last three weeks as demonstrators press for new elections.

Those killed include protesters and bystanders struck by gunfire and a dozen dead last Friday in overnight clashes and looting that destroyed more than two dozen businesses.

Up to press time yesterday there was no word of any clashes during the latest protest.