Tue | Sep 18, 2018

As California wildfire spreads some evacuees demand to go home

Published:Saturday | October 14, 2017 | 2:34 PM
Burned out homes are seen in the Coffey Park area on Wednesday,, in Santa Rosa, California. Wildfires whipped by powerful winds swept through Northern California sending residents on a headlong flight to safety through smoke and flames as homes burned. - AP

SANTA ROSA, California (AP):
Authorities say about 100,000 people are under evacuation orders as the wildfires in Northern California burn for a sixth day.

As a flare-up drives hundreds more to flee on Saturday, some people who have been evacuated all week are demanding to get back into their homes.

Douglas and Marian Taylor stood outside their apartment complex in Santa Rosa on Saturday morning with their two dogs and a sign that said 'End evacuation now'.

Their building was unharmed at the edge of the evacuation zone with a police barricade set up across the street. The couple said they're spending about $300 per day to rent a motel and eat out, and they want to return home because the fire doesn't appear to be a threat to their apartment complex.