Tue | Jan 22, 2019

Should schools be required to tell parents about bullying?

Published:Tuesday | March 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


At least eight states currently have laws requiring that schools notify parents when their child is being bullied or is bullying other kids.

But such policies have come under attack from LGBT advocates who argue that schools officials could inadvertently be put in the position of outing gay, lesbian, or transgender students to their parents.

At least one state is now rethinking its law. In New Jersey, education officials have suggested a revised rule that steps back from automatic notification of parents. Instead, it requires schools to consider incidents on a case-by-case basis before contacting parents.

Still, the push for such laws continues. In New York, a bullying notification bill is being pushed by parents of a 12-year-old who committed suicide after repeated physical and verbal harassment at school.