Sun | Dec 16, 2018

American Airlines to pay US$45m to settle airfare collusion lawsuit

Published:Sunday | June 17, 2018 | 12:14 AM
In this December 2010 photo, a Delta plane comes in for landing over an American Airlines plane at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.



NEW YORK (AP): American Airlines has agreed to pay US$45 million to settle a lawsuit that says it and other major United States airlines colluded to drive up the price of airfares.

In settling the case, American denied any wrongdoing. The company, in a statement, said fighting the case in court would be costly.

Earlier this year, Southwest Airlines also reached a settlement in the case, agreeing to pay US$15 million. Southwest also denied any wrongdoing.

The lawsuit alleges that major US airlines colluded to limit capacity in order to increase ticket prices.