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Grace moving tainted 'Mr. Turkey' products from shelves

Grace, Kennedy & Co. Ltd. is moving all products carrying the 'Mr. Turkey' label except 'Mr. Turkey Bacon' from local supermarket shelves, following advice from Sara Lee Corporation, the parent company of the product's manufacturers.

In a news release, James Moss-Solomon, Corporate Affairs Director of Grace, Kennedy & Co. Ltd., pointed out that this was a precautionary measure taken by Sara Lee which was co-operating with the US authorities following reports that some meat products were tainted by Listeria bacteria in some parts of the USA.

He said that results of investigations by the US Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, had not finally determined the source of the tainted product.

Mr. Moss-Solomon said that Grace, Kennedy expects to have all 'Mr. Turkey' products removed from the shelves by today.

He advised that persons who have any of these products should not use them. "We are still working on procedures for return of products and reimbursement to customers and will advise the public about these measures very shortly," Mr. Moss-Solomon said.

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