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JAMALCO cutting staff

* Breadnut Valley workers to go at month end.

MAY PEN, Clarendon ALL WORKERS at the JAMALCO Breadnut Valley mining operations in Clarendon will be laid off at the end of January.

The company's mining and haulage operations will be undertaken by private contractors leaving truck drivers, mechanics and maintenance workers jobless.

Mines manager Richard Hector, who also has responsibility for railroad, port and raw material, told a meeting of the joint community council representing bauxite mining communities in the Mocho area on Wednesday that the redundancies should have taken place at the end of December but was delayed by negotiations with the unions over redundancy payments.

Mr. Hector said the present production target of one million tonnes for the year means that JAMALCO's mining operations in the Mocho area will wind down in another two and a half years.

Projected deposits of bauxite in the area now stand at 10 million tonnes and the company is now advanced in its efforts to move mining operations into South Manchester, he said.

The Mines manager assured the council that JAMALCO's presence in the Mocho area will not end with the cessation of its mining operations because as a good corporate citizen, it is obliged to honour all commitments such as land reclamation, complete community projects and other unfinished undertakings.

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