Sunday | March 18, 2001
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MegaMart welcomes non-members

- Contributed

A section of the huge MegaMart superstore, which carries the widest selection of household and grocery items under one roof in Portmore.

MEGAMART, Jamaica's first wholesale membership store is opening its doors even wider to embrace 'would be' MegaMart shoppers.

Non-members will now be able to access the wide range of grocery and merchandise at competitive prices while paid-up members stand to receive even bigger benefits from this new programme. With the entry of non-members to the club, membership becomes even more exclusive with a substantial programme of benefits.

As of yesterday, paid up primary members (main account holders) of MegaMart will begin to receive automatic cash credit of three to five per cent on items purchased.

Credits will be given in the form of vouchers which can be used to purchase more goods or be put towards the discount of additional goods purchased from the store. For example, the purchase of a refrigerator, will earn a five per cent credit, which the member can spend or save towards a stove at MegaMart.

Under the MegaCash Account facility, the credit voucher will register with each purchase made at the cashier, and can be redeemed at the membership counter 24 hours after each purchase for the purchase of more goods.

Members may, however, allow the credits to accumulate so that they can establish a form of savings account that will pay them in return for shopping at MegaMart.

Only primary (individual and business) members can redeem the MegaCash account and all purchases made by the primary and supplemental members will earn rebates for the primary members' MegaCash account.

MegaCash account of Mega-Mart members who have already renewed their membership fee for 2001 at $600 will also get a jump start as they will receive an automatic credit of $100 on their account as MegaMart has held the cost of membership at $500.

MegaMart will be awarding a bonus prize each quarter to the individual and business member who accumulates the most credits.

As of March, customers will find that membership at MegaMart has its advantages in many places. The new 'goodwill' facility will allow MegaMart members to use their privileged status to access discounts from other stores specified by MegaMart. The names of these stores will be provided by the Membership Department, which will keep adding stores to the list, thus increasing the value of membership in MegaMart.

Business members will see the introduction of special opening times to facilitate wholesale purchase every Monday and Thursday.

MegaMart's chief executive officer, Gassan Azan, says that his company's new programme is intended to demonstrate the fact that MegaMart membership has real meaning. "It's not just idle talk," he says. "We are allowing other customers access to the store to take advantage of the competitive prices and the widest range of quality goods and services anywhere around. In fact, we intend to show that MegaMart prices are the best in town by changing the way in which prices are displayed. So as of March 1, GCT will be added, where applicable, to goods at the cash register and not on the shelf."

"We are going to be vigilant in ensuring that as far as possible we are not beaten on prices," Mr. Azan assures. He adds that members could also look forward to participating in the several competitions planned, including a Back-to-School Programme and the Best Decorated House competition.

"With all that we have to offer," Mr. Azan says, "we believe that in time the non-committed MegaMart shopper will see that membership does have several tangible privileges."

In the short space of one year, MegaMart has made its mark on the Jamaican community as it provides an outlet for more than 250 small producers and employs over 200 members of staff who are trained to give the highest level of customer service. Located in the heart of the rapidly growing township of Portmore, in St. Catherine, MegaMart is Jamaica's first and the Caribbean's largest one-stop centre for shopping. Providing 70,000 sq. feet of shopping space, this Superstore carries a wide range of consumer items from food to brand name clothing, appliances, and tyres. Popular with shoppers is the convenience of having a vast number of services every day, under the same roof: ABM machine, food court, tyre centre, pharmacy, Paymaster, photo centre and bakery.

Mr. Azan is planning to open a branch at Catherine Hall in St. James. "The dividends will be tremendous, not only for us as a business enterprise, but for the welfare and well-being of the people of that part of the country," Mr. Azan says.

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