Thursday | April 19, 2001
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'Willie Haggart' slain - Triple murder in Arnett Gardens

A crowd gathers in the vicinity of Haggart's businessplace on Lincoln Crescent shortly after yesterday's killings. - Norman Grindley

By David Dunkley, Staff Reporter

A SELF-STYLED community don and leader of the infamous Black Roses Crew, William "Willie Haggart" Moore, was among three men shot dead by gunmen in a mid-afternoon attack on Lincoln Crescent in Kingston yesterday.

Moore, in his early 30s, was slain by the gunmen who stood over his lifeless body and pumped several bullets into him, residents said. The killers were neatly dressed like policemen and even told the men they were cops before killing them, according to reports reaching The Gleaner.

The other men killed were identified as 36-year-old Noel 'Big Bunny' Hinds of a Jacks Hill Road address and 50-year-old Albert 'Blacka Douche' Bonner of Cherry Gardens, St. Andrew. Another man known only as 'Junior' was injured in the attack. He has been admitted to hospital, police say.

The crime scene was a portrait of genuine grief as hundreds of residents and curious onlookers descended on Lincoln Crescent. The road was jammed with vehicles as police cordoned off the area outside Moore's businessplace where the shooting occurred.

Member of Parliament for South St. Andrew Dr. Omar Davies, businessman George Phang, deejay Beenie Man, and several other well-known persons and high-ranking police officers, were present at the scene.

"I hope the killings will not shatter the peace that has existed in the community for the past seven years," said Dr. Davies, who left Parliament after hearing about the triple-slaying in his constituency.

The police public relations unit, the Constabulary Communication Network (CCN), reported that at about 3:20 p.m., Haggart was among a group of men on the roadside when a white Toyota Corolla motorcar drove up and three men alighted, toting high-powered weapons. The men opened fire at the group hitting the four men who were rushed to hospital, the CCN said.

Residents, like the police, were unable to give a motive for the attack, but said it was clear the men were definitely out to kill Moore. One resident said the men declared they were cops after coming out the car, then approached Moore and opened fire on him before shooting at the other men.

"Even when Willie Haggart get shot him still a crawl and one a dem just go over him and empty the gun pon him," one man said. "Them definitely go fi mek sure him dead."

Dancer Bogle, a close friend of Moore, said he was at a nearby house when he heard gunshots and ran to see what happened. He was just in time to see the men pumping the last rounds into Moore before going back to their car.

"Mi inna the yard, mi see the niggas when dem a drive way. The way how me vex me all start run dung the car," Bogle said, on the brink of tears. "Up to last night, everything was nice and straight, a pure movie star vibes, and sporting, upon de Roof, but this cramp everything."

Yesterday's attack comes eight months after a man was shot dead in a drive-by shooting on the same road. Bogle was shot and injured in that incident.

"Mi born come see dem man (Moore) deh. Dem build and keep the community. He was like a father figure to all a we. A big idiot ting gwaan," he said.

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