Monday | July 2, 2001

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Record producer Stewart Brown visits

Record producer/sound system operator Stewart "African Star" Brown is currently in Jamaica.

Brown, who had moved to Ghana two years ago with his sound system and label, African Star, told us that he is now relocated in a plaza in Accra, where he has been attracting far more support than in Jamaica.

The sound played for friends and relatives of people who were injured during the recent stampede at a football game in Accra.

Brown said that he had not planned to travel to Kingston so frequently after emigrating, but that due to his obligations in the United States and Jamaica he has been travelling here quite often.

Friday night he was in the studio mixing a new single for his latest protege, singer Everton Chambers. African Star has already released two singles from Chambers, Jah Is The Light and Make Haste, both distributed by Dynamic Sounds. The singles are also getting regular airplay on top New York R&B station WBLS FM.

Brown is preparing a third single from Chambers, She Don't Love Me Anymore for release this summer.

Of Chambers, Brown said:"I've a lot of confidence in him and I really expect him to go very far," he said.

Daddy Screw returns

Where has DJ Daddy Screw been?

The DJ told us last week that he had moved to the United States where he had been living with his parents in New Jersey. But the call of the dancehall has drawn him back to Jamaica and he has already been to the studios.

Daddy Screw's newest single is a combination with Ocho Rios-based DJ/producer Price Oret titled Caribbean Girls. The original mix of the song has proven so popular, it is already getting heavy rotation on leading radio stations, although it won't be released until next week.

Oret had been doing the song as a special in a house studio in Ocho Rios where Screw was. Screw said he heard the song and decided to "jump on it."

Now he insists, "Trust me, this is the next tidal wave."

Cassanova's CD

Many times Tastee Talent Contest winner Cassanova (Phillip Wright) is teaming with rights advocate Pellington and producer Audley McLean to release a new CD, The Drunken Man. The title track is an attack on drunken driving.

Cassanova, who last won the Tastee title in 1999, says he is finished with the amateur contest and is working on building his professional career.

CeCile goes on tour

Hot star CeCile has taken off with DJ Merciless on a U.S. tour. They have already performed in Virginia, Ohio and Washington D.C. During a break between dates she performed on the Teen Jam event in Brooklyn on June 24 with TOK and Alozade.

Upcoming dates include tomorrow night at Jamrock on Long Island, New York, Friday at Rainbow Heights in Montreal, Saturday in Port-of-Spain and Friday, July 27 and Sunday, July 29, at Planet Q in Atlanta and Hallandale, Miami, respectively, with Babycham.

Xsytment's single

DownSound's hot urban trio, Xsytment's single 2 Tha Haters is one of a number of dancehall releases receiving rave reviews in London.

Echoes Magazine's John Masouri says that the group rivals Ward 21 for "crazy humour."

"They combine Nightmare on Elm Street atmospherics with Onyx-like attacks here. A monster tune," he commented.

The group's latest single is Yardie Party.

Silva Kid's success

After only two years in the business, Negril female act Silva Kid is enjoying moderate success. She has appeared on several major events including Sumfest and Teensplash and has recorded for major labels, including King Jammys, Computer Paul and CJ Records' Christopher James.

Often compared to Lady Saw, she has run into similar controversies over her lyrics, but she says it does not frustrate her: "From I was very small I always love to listen music and to sing along with the songs. I always told my mother I want to be a star and I know I am going to be one," she insists.

Silva Kid is managed by Ralston Barrett of B.I.G. who formerly handled the career of Serial Kid.

Prodigal Son's debut CD

Christian DJ Prodigal Son's debut CD to be named Radikal Prodigal will be out this summer, says label Main Street.

Son's debut CD

Prodigal Son (Calvin Whilby) is a native of Wilton Gardens (Rema), who grew up with the teachings of Bible, but got caught up in gang warfare. A Church On the Rock mission to the innercity community rescued him and he has since been returning frequently to minister to his friends.

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