Thursday | July 12, 2001

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Lead Stories
Back to normal - Tense calm downtown - West Kingston buzzing again

NORMALITY WAS restored to the city's west and also the commercial district of downtown Kingston yesterday. Most major roadblocks were cleared and the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses rolled again. "The atmosphere is still a little tense, but...

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Patterson willing to meet with Seaga
Mitchell to continue as MP - Until appeal against Election Court ruling is heard
Corruption Prevention Act regulations not yet completed
Gov't clarifies role of JDF in crime-fighting
Let's Talk Life - Can we stop the violence, please!

Vendors contented at Three Miles

THE SIGHTS and sounds were those of a market but the smell of fuel from the nearby Texaco Service Station and the constant buzzing of motor vehicle engines reminded onlookers that Three Miles, Kingston was a busy point of transit for vehicles leaving...

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Gunfire barred Red Cross
JUTC restores normal service
Forbes shows video of West Kingston gunbattle
Death toll at 25

Merchants facing millions of dollars in losses

THE IMPACT of the civil unrest which rocked the capital city this week will continue to reverberate throughout the downtown Kingston business community for at least another two weeks, according to businessman Michael Ammar Jnr. While conceding that it...

More Business
Lay-offs worry workers

Ja raring to go

DEBRECEN, Hungary: IT WILL be a busy day for Jamaican athletes when the second staging of the World Youth athletics Championships gets under way in Debrecen, Hungary today.

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Windies humble President's XI
Jamaica's juniors fall to third position
Whitmore in limbo at Hull
Who is guilty of spreading misinformation?
WI U19s beat T&T

Restoring peace
WITH NORMALITY creeping back to Kingston yesterday the channels for conciliation were also opening. The body count from the killings remain a stark monument to yet another grisly chapter of communal violence. Where is the right in all this? Is the...

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Nation-building and violence
The roots of tribalism
Freddy in New York
Just 'flex' with the changing times

Letter of the Day - Wanted: a new political order
THE EDITOR, Sir: THERE IS talk that violence in Tivoli enhances the PNP's upcoming election bid. But how can this be? There is nothing inherent in violent confrontation that paints one party as being necessarily better than another.

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Questions for a lasting peace
Stop this madness!
More accountability needed for progress
My heart bleeds for Jamaica
Remove undesirable elements!
The pen versus M16
Down with tribalism
I thought we had grown up
Children and the seeds of violence

Emancipate yourself this 'Augus Mawnin'

THE NATIONAL Pantomime Company is currently rehearsing their production Augus Mawnin. The play written by Barbara Gloudon is being done to commemorate Emancipation Day, an important part of Jamaican history. It was first performed four years ago and...

More Entertainment
Kerryana is Miss Manchester Festival Queen 2001

Cornwall Edition
Street people saga... Still unresolved 2 years later
WESTERN BUREAU: JULY 15 will mark two years since the city of Montego Bay and by extension, Jamaica, experienced one of the worst scandals to have ever rocked this country ­ it became known as "the street people saga."

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'Government officials should have been charged'
Vendors evicted for rental arrears
West Central St James still without PNP candidate

What's Cooking
Home made ice cream

IN MY DAY ­ that is when me was a boy ­ we never ate out of the home in restaurants. We did that in Ice Cream Parlours or Soda Fountains. Those places never had kitchens for the preparing of cooked menus like today. Electric or...

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Showdown of the professional chefs
What's 4 dinner ? Cheese and vegetable pasta bake

Star Page
No more troubles

Lord mi chile wat a way Bounty Killer a smile. Jeezee, Montel hear seh all his troubles must be gone. Him get weh him waan but dem seh him betta mind for craven choke puppy and him caan swollow more dan weh him belly can hole. Part ways with...

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Entertainment Diary

Lotto results for July 11, 2001

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