Thursday | July 12, 2001

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No more troubles

Lord mi chile wat a way Bounty Killer a smile. Jeezee, Montel hear seh all his troubles must be gone. Him get weh him waan but dem seh him betta mind for craven choke puppy and him caan swollow more dan weh him belly can hole.

Part ways with manners

A who dem seh Warrior King dis di odda day? If sinting go so it bad for people use to seh, wat a way di King 'ave manners. But, massa di news seh the King waan fi part ways wid certain smaddy for di hype start. Well, mi chile if yu ask him if sinting go so, yu can bet di answer weh yu a go get for whatever happen is suppose to be a secret.

Intentions to loot

Den mi chile certain people mek Spanish Town people look like... For massa yu caan imagine woman a walk round inna shorts a ask, any looting start yet, any looting like dem put down anything fi loot. Then, massa dem well plan fi bruk and loot one supermarket weh dem seh 'ave some ten pound chicken. Mi chile supermarket owner ketch di rake and post security round di building. Mi chile a so-so rice dem affi nyam for there was no chicken.

Undaunted by roadblocks

A weh down a Shocking Vibes weh sweet Alkatraz so di odda day. Mi chile imagine all di road block, di fire bun and di gun-shot Alkatraz skip ova all dat fi see the blue eye girl. Yes mi chile den wen smaddy ask him a wah a gwane him seh a music. Music get bad name.

A magnetic pull

Wat a puzzlement mi chile, wat a mix-up and blender. For afta Zumjay call to seh is farin him deh, someone seh dem see him relaxing on di north coast and he was having sun tan to seh di least. Now who could have attracted Zumjay to have fled his hometown for dat deh attraction. Must be a swimwear beauty.

Kass-kass done

The kass-kass between Chuck Fender and di one seem to have ended. Yes massa di lesson is, yu caan too bare-face wen yu inna smaddy backyard. Yes mi chile, Montel hear seh no more will she be seen anywhere near dat bor derline. Amen.

Joy ride

Wat a joy ride CeCile is on these days. Yes from one city to annada. Phone calls like dirt deh pon her voice-mail. One very dirty one will land someone in trouble. CeCile is waiting to give di one the detail of her tongue.

New pronounciation

So di well-liked Reneto Adams aka "Saddam" has a new pronounciation for Tivoli, something like Tivaali or is it T-Valley. Mi chile if dat eva ketch di farin press is pure worries inna di place for yu know how dem blend and puree we wen dem ready.

Big links

Who di dickance is behind Abijah's career. Some people seh him big, him heavy, him nuff but not nuff-up. Mi chile don't judge a book by the cover. Abijah have big links stretching from Kingston to somewhere in Clarendon. Yes Clarendon, so a nuh talent alone him 'ave. Nuh teck him simple.

Date set

Wat a distress pon all di ali button dem weh ave dem eyes set pon comedian Apache Chief. Yes for chief nuh engage to Councillor daughter and mi chile nuff girl a have belly running. Yes some caan believe dem nah get nutten. Yes mi chile for all di wedding date done fix aready.

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