Thursday | August 23, 2001

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Lead Stories
Asset Sharing Agreement signed

ASSETS BELONGING to criminals and which are seized in joint operations between the United States and Jamaica can now be divided equally between the two countries. This is made possible by yesterday's signing of an Asset Sharing Agreement between both...

More Lead Stories
Infants fire-bombed - Three dead in fuss over cigarettes
Whiteman shoulders blame - Minister admits effect of 'job cuts' statements
Census starts September 11
Seaga endorses call for wider Commission
I am attracted to a co-worker

Pile-up claims one on Mandela Hwy

A GRISLY four-vehicle crash on Mandela Highway just before 6 yesterday evening, claimed at least one life and left an undetermined number of people with severe injuries in the Spanish Town, University and Kingston Public hospitals. The fatal smash-up...

More News
10 killed in two days
C&W employee appears in court
Marijuana top drug for region - UN Report
Ministry studying ganja commission proposals

Manchester PC records revenue increase
MANDEVILLE: THE REVENUE intake of the Manchester Parish Council has recorded a slight but steady increase since 1999 moving from $12.5 million to $12.7 million as of April this year.

More Business
Operation Grow launched in Connecticut
CPTC to host CBU Satellite Earth Station

Ja, Windwards showdown

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, CANA: AFTER TWO days of well earned rest, the regional Under-19 cricketers return to the field of play today for the penultimate round of matches in the 2001 West Indies Under-19 cricket tournament.

More Sport
Chris Williams claims 200m crown
Mattis gets 1000th winner
Ja, T&T slide on FIFA's world rankings

The ganja question
THE NATIONAL Commission on Ganja has predictably sparked controversy particularly on the recommendation to decriminalise use of the drug for private personal use. Already some church leaders have condemned this proposal even though this concession...

More Commentary
British colonialism unjustly blamed blamedx
Debating 'Life and Debt'
'Chantal ganja' and Antonnette's shout

Letter of the Day - The wonders of 'herb tea'
THE EDITOR, Sir: WHILE READING letters to the Editor today (August 22nd), David D'Apollonia's letter caught my attention.

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Higher pay and more stress
IAAF Championship and violence
Don't decriminalise ganja
The rights of non-ganja smokers
Marijuana and hypocrites
Disappointed in weather report
The Met Office and crying wolf
Teachers' exodus will redound to Ja's good
When religion does damage

A 'Killer' interview

Love him, hate him, you can't ignore him. Everyone seems to have an opinion on Bounty Killer, the 'Warlord' himself. And that was before Reggae Sumfest 2001. The deejay proved his stamina in a near three-hour interview with Melville Cooke, which began...

More Entertainment
Sashi magic in Montego Bay tonight

What's Cooking
The glories of GARLIC

GARLIC IS a favourite of thrifty creative cooks. A single good-sized head is potent enough to flavour a week's worth of dishes everything from soup to stir-fry, meat, chicken, pasta sauce, vinaigrette, croutons and butter for garlic bread.

More What's Cooking
Totally Texas - Peter Rosenberg, Master of the Grill
What's 4 dinner? Stuffed Breadfruit

Star Page
Tracing war

A who upset CeCile? Mi chile she swell not a spring chicken. Massa all under the hair dryer she a cuss and carry on. She is planning to saul di one who saul her and nuh care. Well, Cecile will be up against Miss Lashie, Mumma Horrible and Missis Tan...

More Star Page
Never lose focus, says Terry Ganzie

Lotto results for August 22, 2001

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