Wednesday | September 26, 2001

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A call to unity
IT IS going to take bold and innovative thinking, inspired leadership and unparalleled unity for this nation to weather the ill effects of the events of September 11 in the United States. What happened in New York and Washington on that date is, in the...

The economic fallout

THE FULL extent and impact of the terrorist attack on the twin towers at the World Trade Centre and on the Pentagon is still unknown. How many people lost their lives will certainly exceed the initial estimate of 5,000 and many... - Delroy Chuck

Disasters waiting to happen

I AM surprised that the death toll from the World Trade Centre debacle was not higher. We are told that at 9:00 am probably 50,000 people would have been at their desks in the twin towers or visiting the offices. The toll of missing... - Peter Espeut

Focus on Trinidad and Tobago politics - Robinson's 'backing down' presidency
AFTER LAST week's "backing down" by President ANR Robinson following his legal 'faux pas' in dismissing Raoul John from the Electoral and Boundaries Commission (EBC), a long standing member and business executive, questions... - Rickey Singh

Religious fundamentalism and the scourge of violence
ALL, IF not most of Jamaicans, share the broken hearts of the Americans in their experience of the worst terrorist attack in their history that assaulted New York City, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. - Roderick Hewitt

On being eighty

LAST MONTH I celebrated my eightieth birthday. I told all the bright young guys I work with that the good-looking ones could kiss me and the ugly ones could shake my hand. Happily, they all considered themselves irresistibly handsome. - Cynthia Wilmot

Flying in the face of terror

YOU KNOW me, the inveterate traveller. As soon as American Airlines announced they were back to normal flights on Monday September 17, I was in the air again and the only difference I noticed was that they gave us plastic eating... - Laura Tanna

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