Sunday | July 28, 2002
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Pastoral concerns - Rebecca Brown is coming to Jamaica, again

Rebecca Brown

Mark Dawes, Senior Staff Reporter

HER BOOKS are sold in the major Christian bookstores. In recent years they have been popping up on the bookshelves of pharmacies, and even secular bookstores. If you haven't read any of her books, hurry, because she is coming to Jamaica next month and few of her books might be left on the shelves. I am talking about the books authored by deliverance minister Dr. Rebecca Brown.

Her books ought to be considered required reading for any Christian interested in being used by God to cast out demons, break and/or uproot curses.

Many local deliverance ministers speak glowingly of the Biblical and theological insights gained from reading her works. For anyone interested in deliverance ministry, that is, the activity where demons are cast out of persons and curses are broken and/or uprooted, Dr. Rebecca Brown is an undisputed authority on the subject.

She has authored at least four books: He Came to Set Captives Free; Unbroken Curses; Prepare for War; and Becoming a Vessel of Honour.

When I learnt that Dr. Brown was coming to Jamaica, I started to browse again my copy of her first work, He Came to Set Captives Free, where she describes her journey into the realm of deliverance ministry.

The account sounds fanciful and the book would make an excellent movie and/or documentary. As it turned out, deliverance ministry was not something she chose, but rather something that chose her. That book, perhaps the most gripping of the four cited, describes graphically the role she played in delivering Elaine, a top witch and satanic high priestess in the devil's Kingdom in the United States.

Some have dismissed the writings of Dr. Brown, claiming she fabricated some of the stories and there are a few Web sites that denounce her as a fraud. But then if one is exposing the ugliness of Satan shouldn't one expect to be labelled in order to be disregarded? Wasn't Billy Graham labelled as a vicious racist on local radio airwaves just about the time when his son Franklin was scheduled to come here to conduct a national evangelistic crusade a few years ago?

Rebecca Brown's writings are Biblical, and to the extent it assaults a conservative Christian mind set, it is radical. She says, for example, that werewolves and vampires do exist.

She cites scripture verses such as Leviticus 26:6,22 to make the point that wild beasts belong to the Lord and evil beasts (of which vampires and werewolves are numbered), belong to Satan. Similarly she cites other references to evil beasts in Ezekiel 8:9-10, Titus 1:12:13a, Jude 7-11.

A werewolf, she says, is a particular kind of demon that inhabits a person who enters into "a God-forbidden relationship with demons."

In addition to the scriptural backative, Dr. Brown describes, on page 228, her own encounter with a werewolf. She writes: "One evening at dusk, I was driving from my office back to the hospital to see a patient who had taken a turn for the worse.

"I was alone in the car and was driving down a stretch of isolated country road where there were no houses or buildings within at least a one-mile radius. Suddenly, about a block ahead of me a huge werewolf stepped into the middle of the road. As I approached closer, he raised up and stood on his hind legs.

"I put my foot down hard on the accelerator intending to swerve around him but the car didn't respond. It glided to a stop, motor still running, despite my prayers and attempts to make it go. I sat there staring at the most incredibly ugly creature I had ever seen. He threw back his head and howled - a terrifying sound which I shall never forget.

"Then he looked straight into my eyes and told me, 'You can't go anywhere - see, I have stopped your car and there's nothing you can do about it. Now I'm going to enjoy ripping your throat out and drinking your blood. You have been interfering with Satan too long. I am going to punish you...'"

To condense the story, Rebecca, though fearful, remained calm and after a few rebukes in the name of Jesus, the werewolf fled. She escaped unhurt.

Complementing her books with illustrations, Rebecca Brown writes about the relationship that obtains between body, soul and spirit within the context of spiritual warfare - an under-explored area in contemporary Christianity.

Few books seem to be published on this area, and when was the last time you heard teaching in your church on the subject? She shows how demons can affect body, soul and spirit. In so doing, she unveils the potency of astral projection while noting that the spirit was not meant to separate from the body except at death.

Satan, who Dr. Brown says she has personally met, wants "to teach humans to again regain the conscious control of their spiritual bodies (which was lost when Adam fell in the garden). Many do.

"Once this is achieved, these people can perceive the spirit world as well as the physical world. They can talk freely with demons, leave their physical bodies with their spirit bodies, and with full consciousness go places and do things with, what seems to the average human, supernatural power.

"It was with their spirit bodies that the various witches and warlocks, without being physically present, would pull Elaine and myself out of bed, throw us across the room, etc. We were unable to see them because our physical eyes cannot see the spirit world. God does not want His people to control their spirit bodies in such a manner."

What I find most startling are the many doorways to demonisation that she highlights in chapter 13 of He Came to Set Captives Free. Many of these doorways should not be news to many Christians. But the truth is that much of this is to be found in Leviticus (especially chapters 18, 19, 20) - a book few Christians bother to read.

She says, "Any dealing with the occult, no matter how lightly or briefly, is a doorway. I am referring to such things as playing with your horoscope, the curiosity visit to the fortune teller, tea leaf reader, palm reader etc. None of these are harmless - just one visit to a seance out of curiosity is enough to affect the rest of your life. So is studying books on the occult arts, playing with a ouija board, trying out extra sensory perception (ESP), psychic experiences, astral projection, meditation of any kind that involves blanking out or 'clearing' the mind - Equally dangerous is participation in magic of any kind, using the art of levitation - consulting a medium or spiritualist - practice of the martial arts or yoga. Any use or abuse of street drugs, or repeated drunkenness are also doorways. Child abuse almost always results in demonic infestation. Hypnosis is another big doorway: Hypnosis to stop smoking or control eating to lose weight is a demonic healing. Acupuncture also is a form of demonic healing - the public does not know that the needles used in acupuncture are blessed by various leaders of the Eastern religions before use and therefore are direct doorways for demonic entrance.

Yes, Rebecca Brown is coming to Jamaica again. She was last here in 2000. At that time she conducted a week of teachings at a church that meets at the Open Bible Church that meets at the old Berec Battery plant, in Spanish Town.

The place then was filled to capacity, and some churches closed their doors that week to take in this expert demonologist.

She is being brought here by Lighthouse Assembly in Spanish Town who were responsible for her earlier visit. She will be conducting two conferences while here. For the period August 4-10, she will be the main speaker at a conference to be held at the Methodist Church in Montego Bay. Then between August 11-16 she will speak at a conference to be held at Stephanie Hall, Kingston.

Don't let her werewolf and vampire stories turn you off. If you are interested in deliverance ministry - be there!

Mark Dawes is a Senior Staff Reporter. Send feedback to

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