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published: Sunday | February 23, 2003
Lead Stories

Cop cites corruption - Narcotics police blast politicians for accepting dirty money
DENOUNCING AS hypocritical concerns raised in Parliament about the drug trade and its link to politics, the narcotics police say the political process is in danger of being over-run by dirty money.

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More sharks, fewer fish - Effects of dredging dog Corporate Area fisherfolk
HUNDREDS OF Corporate Area fishermen continue to report shrinking catches of fish as a result of dredging operations in the Kingston Harbour. Although dredging ended last year, some fishermen are now reporting a new threat in some fishing areas. Sharks!

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BNS records historic $1 billion net income
THE BANK of Nova Scotia Jamaica (BNS) has recorded net income of $999 million for the quarter to the end of January 2003, the highest in the history of the bank, according to Managing Director, William Clarke.

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Victory in sight for Ja
DISCOVERY BAY: JAMAICA ALL but wrapped up their Carib Beer Series encounter with West Indies B on day two at the Kaiser Sports Club yesterday. The knockout punch will be delivered today.

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Good sense has prevailed
GOOD SENSE has prevailed and the Minister of Finance Dr. Omar Davies has expanded the scope of his mea culpa and has now apologised to the Jamaica Employers Federation for accusing its membership of stealing money from the financial sector.

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LETTER OF THE DAY - The Farquharson Institute will not be deterred
THE EDITOR, Sir: IN RESPONSE to a statement published in Friday's Gleaner, The Farquharson Institute of Public Affairs states emphatically that contrary to the Prime Minister's declaration, we have never called for the resignation of the Finance Minister.

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Who the Grammys bless...
"I FEEL IT is a jinx, because a lot of people's careers have gone downhill after winning." That was how Duckie Simpson of Black Uhuru felt about the Reggae Grammy two years ago ­ and he had the experience to prove it.

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Imam urges US to avoid war rhetoric
WITH A United States-led war on Iraq seeming more apparent by the minute, Imam Abdur Rahman Farrakhan is calling on the Anglo-American front-line coalition to ease off the pedal.

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Arts &Leisure

Narrowing gaps, swapping roles
IN 1913 when French artist, Marcel Duchamp, took a bicycle wheel and attached it to a stool, he opened the door for the found object to find a place in art. His oeuvre, which later expanded to include to include everyday objects such as a bottle rack...

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Dr Dennis Minott - the Pied Piper
DR. DENNIS Minott, the scientist and Pied Piper of geniuses who has sent more young Jamaicans to Ivy League colleges than he can list in one sitting, is experimenting again.

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In Focus

The dangerous Bush Doctrine
"All of us have heard this term 'preventive war' since the earliest days of Hitler. I recall that is about the first time I heard it. In this day and time ­ I don't believe there is such a thing; and, frankly, I wouldn't even listen to anyone...

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