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Anabella Seaga to wed!
published: Sunday | December 14, 2003

- Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
KSA Engineering Company head Steve Ashley threw a little get-together on Friday night. Here, (from left) Betty Ashley, Kate Francis and Yvonne Bourke enjoy the evening.

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

DOVECAKES, THE news has had tongues a-wagging since it first hit the Boulevards and byways of haute-society and how!

Well, y'all first read it here a few Wednesdays ago, but then again the story was so hush-hush, that only those in-the-know would have figured out just exactly who was the fabulous scrabble player that was getting all set to tie the marital knot, come 2004!

Well Daahlings, it is now official, and the news is all-fabulous! As the only buzz out and around haute and fabulous societies is that the fabulous scrabble-player, now sporting a divine emerald and diamond ring following a weekend getaway to Port Antonio, is none other than the former First Daughter, the absolutely gorgeous Anabella Seaga, the daughter of former Prime Minister Edward Seaga and Mitzy Seaga, as she recently said 'yes' to the proposal of marriage by her beau Dr. Michael Zia Mian. Dr. Mian is an industrial psychologist and consultant and the absolute godling of a son of international consultant Zia Mian (and Gleaner columnist) and then wife Avil Mian, now Mrs. Yehuda Rauer.

Luvs, there is no date yet for the official nuptials. But the families of the young couple are said to be overjoyed with the news as the announcement was followed by champagne celebrations all around!

Now, wait for the announcement of the big date as it promises to be a fabulous affaire restricted to family and close friends! My Dears, more anon!

Wine, wine
and more wine

Sweet-things it is most definitely the season of merriment, and what better way to make merry than to celebrate with a glass (or more) of wine!

There's no denying the fact that the fine art of wine drinking is as old as modern man. There is equally no denying the fact that over the centuries and many a generations, the fine art of wine drinking and or appreciation for this esoteric indulgence has been by and large, restricted to members of the privileged classes, whilst the polloi, opted for the more robust of the spirits.

Today, the polloi is still given to more aggressive spirits, but the ranks of those favouring the taste of wine and opting for its more genteel appeal, is probably one of the fastest growing classes of aficionados! It can never be said of this here capital of this here island, that in terms of international trends and behaviour, that she is not a team-player! And so, if the ranks of wine drinkers are swelling internationally, y'all can bet your top dollar that it is the case here in Kingston. And it is too, with the wine merchants and dealers falling in line and are now providing an international menu for wine lovers and novices alike!

But My Dears, make no mistake - This too is Wine Country!

For years, Jamaica's J. Wray & Nephew have been the premier wine merchants and agents, supplying those with that discriminating palate, that sets them above and apart from mere lager louts and or weekend drunks!

In more recent years however, there have been a mushrooming of boutique-style merchants that have been catering to the more eclectic oenophiles, as these boutiques took the more wholesome approach in not just the selling of wines, but in educating its clientele in the subtleties of taste, texture, body and even the language of wine.

To showcase its absolutely fabulous portfolio of wines available during this season, J Wray & Nephew Wine Cellars and the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel hosted a collaborative effort last Monday atop the hotel's 17th floor Talk-of-the-Town restaurant and played hosts to a season-opener wine and fare affair that simply stamped their combined élan and pizzazz on the wine industry here. It will long be remembered for it's in your face fabulousness!

Doves, it was the Grand Dame of Knutsford Boulevard and the Grand Wine Merchant of Spanish Town Road, combining their resources and hosting a charmer of a boutique-style wine fare that was an oenophile's heaven!

Indeed, it was akin to a wine fiesta, and then some!

It is Beaujolais Nouveau season and so this party wine was holding court! But there would be no-upstaging the Baron Philippe De Rothschild's Pinot Noir and or the Sauvignon Blanc; Georges Duboeuf's Beaujolais Villages and or the Moulin-A-Vent! Then there were the Jacob's Creek offering from Australia ­ Doves, the Shiraz Cabernet was the toast of many, and faultlessly so with the Semillon Chardonnay, really caressing the palate.

The Delicato Family Vineyards of California, offerings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfadel, Chardonnay, the Sauvignon Blanc and the Merlot had wine lovers over the moon in wine heaven! The brands, proved not only to be fabulous companions to the range of cheeses, meats, fruits and other nibbles on offer.

The Merlot in particular, embodied the vibe most sought after by wine drinkers (young and old) and that is of a total relaxed mode. You know, the wine you use to set the stage for an evening of unwinding, seduction and or relaxation! Pumpkins, it was a winner!

Then there was the Connoisseur's corner! A treat for those with a yearning and or craving for not just wines, but an understanding of the product, the language thereof, and the subtle nuances practised by the more seasoned wine drinkers in not only drinking the product, but in partying!

Doves it all made for one absolutely fab outing, and then some!

Among the oenophiles and the chic out for the occasion, included: Honourary Consul of Iceland, Robert MacMillan; Capt Michael Lyn and his wife the Thalia Lyn, the Honourary Consul of Thailand; First Counsellor of the Embassy of France Patrick Lapouze; J Wray & Nephew's Ambassador of Wine the charmingly elegant Judith Douglas; the Hotel's Manager, the charming Nancy McLean; Joe Matalon and companion, the lovely Bernadette McKinley-Morin; socialite Grand Dame Ruby Martin; the style maven Gloria Moodie; Dr. Carol Ball; Charles Matthews and his lovely wife Brunetta; the elegant Carole Fullerton; Dr. John and Norma Soas; the charming Mary Sloper; Aubyn Hill and his fabulous wife Tamara; Jack and Audrey Shirley; Ribbie Chung; Lauriston and Marjorie Burgess; Everton McDonald; celebrated jeweler Garth Sanguinetti; Bernadette Barrow; Pierre and Karlene Lemaire; Diane Watson; Cleto Parkinson; Tarun and Catherine Handa; the lovely Tanya Miller; Barry Chisolm; Angela Thame; the statuesque and oh so svelte Sonja Sutherland; Garth and Audrey Hinchcliff; the beautiful Lisa Hanna Panton, touring with her TV co-host, the voluptuous Queen of the Dancehall, Carlene; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seaton; restaurateur Johanna Thwaites; Daign and Kerry Jones; Anna-Kay Lee; the lovely Janet White; Adam Hyde and the beautiful Lisa Bell; Steven Hudson; Susanne Wynter; the very charming Nicole-Ann Fullerton; and the lovely Marilyn Bennett ­ the event's executive producer; plus scores of others.

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